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Persons with Disabilities (PwD) can follow our courses in classroom or e-learning mode. Whichever method you choose, please contact us by email or by phone (see the contact form) so that we can agree on the most appropriate measures for your situation.

Yes all our courses are recorded with a voice over. You can hear the voice over and read the text if you like by enabling or disabling the corresponding features on the course screen.

Yes, we recommend that you use Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft edge browsers to take our courses.
If you use other browsers, you may experience some technical problems.

Yes it is possible,  but right now only in form of credit transfers.  You can send us credit transfers in the following currencies:  Euro (EUR), United States dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP),  Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand dollar (NZD).  Please send us a mail at contact@paymerix.com to receive our account details in the currency of your choice and additional instructions for the transaction.

Yes. At the end of each course, you can pass a 40 questions quiz evaluation. If you are successful,  you will get a certificate of achievement. For both your first name and last name to appear on the certificate, they must be provided on your account profile. If you have any problem with the certificate, please contact the support at contact@paymerix.com.

Our best advice is: Go through a course at least two times and take all the quizzes. There are many concepts to understand about payments and payments systems. And it is not easy to grasp them the first time and more important to link them together. That is why you should review them more than once.

The purpose of this website to provide excellent training materials to payments professionals. We felt that it was important to start with the fundamentals. On the short and middle term, we are planning to offer courses on domestic payments in Europe (SCT, SCT Inst, SDD Core, SDD B2B), Cross border payments and the ISO 20022 standard. Other topics like Cards, Cash management and Trade Finance will be handled after that. 

The Free Membership Account allows you to access free quizzes and the samples of the courses available on the platform. The sample generally consists of one, two or three modules of a course. With the free account, you have the opportunity to test and see if a course will really deliver the value you expect, before getting the full version. With the free membership and the 15-day money-back guarantee, the purchase of full courses is risk free for you.  Furthermore, you will be notified when new courses are published on the platform.

We request you to pay between 5 to 10% of the initial costs after one year to keep access to the platform and benefit from other services like the support and the webinars. In addition, we update our courses to take into account the changes and evolutions of the European Payment Council, SWIFT and market evolutions. You get all the updates.

To contact the support, send a mail to contact@paymerix.com or support@paymerix.com from the email address of your account. 

No problem. You have a 15-day money back guarantee. Just send a mail to contact@paymerix.com and you will get a full refund. 

The Website is built with a responsive theme. You can take the course on any device (PC, Smartphone or Tablet). You just need an Internet connection.

This training platform is built on the LMS Learndash where a course consist of many lessons or modules. And each lesson can contain one or many topics and quizzes. When you reach your course page, go to the menu on the left to see the list of all modules/lessons.  Expand the lessons to see which topic(s) it contains: click on a topic to take it. At the end of a module, we strongly recommend you that you take the quiz module to review the key concepts you learned in the module. When the module/lesson is complete, please mark it complete and move to the next module/lesson.

The corporate membership package allows the subscriber to create and manage sub-members. The subscriber gets access to his own membership dashboard and can sub-members. By default, we offer a corporate membership with 10 sub-members. But if you want a package with a different number of sub-members, we would be happy to study a taylor-made solution for you. Please send a mail to contact@paymerix.com.

Our internal rules of procedure is available under the following link: RULES OF PROCEDURE

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